Sir Sway

Since I can remember, I have been very particular about my clothing. Whether it was when I was 6 and I was adamant that my tee sleeves would go past my elbows, or when I got my first LRG shirt in grade 7, my persistence has been unceasingly tailored until now where my passion has unfolded into the fashion industry. Throughout my life, my style has changed pretty frequently.  From grade 6 to grade 8 I was pretty into the Toronto skater scene, hitting up ever park and any granite/curb I could find.  Then Grade 9 hit and I started rocking polos, where I collected pretty much every color Lacoste size 4 I could get my hands on.  During grade 10 I became friends with two huge sneaker heads (thanks quan and litsos) who converted me to the sneaker game.  After blowing all my money on every color of Authentic Vans, Converse, and a LTD sb dunk (if I had the money), I sold most of them because I realized matching my shoes and clothes wasn't that cool to begin with.  Although my style has matured a lot since then, I am still an avid sneaker head but only now I have become addicted to the idea behind raw denim collecting/perfecting, and pretty much trying to stay ahead of the Toronto fashion industry.  Although Toronto is a pretty young city, the fashion is booming and I'm hoping in 10 years we will be at the forefront with Tokyo, NY, and stockholm. 

Keep it prestigious.