Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Up and Coming

Photo Via: Flippa K
Sir Sway: Unfortunately summer is coming to an end, but with that in mind we can look forward to the new looks for fall and the creative innovations of fashion.  I gotta say, every year I am stunned with the creativity of designers.  What I have been noticing in the past is that men’s fashion often trails women’s by one year.  So expect to see guys wearing longer loose-fitting shirts and someone to look up to is Alexander Wang because his shirts this year are unbelievable for both the men's and women's collection (http://shop.alexanderwang.com/shop/#/t/men/). As far as sweaters, I want to see more ‘knitteds’ with thicker knotting as well as lots of brown and navy colors.  However I do not want to see people pulling out old turtlenecks from their closets.  I am thinking grey straight leg denim is going to be a big thing this fall and winter, keep in mind folds and creases have only been in style for a year so go with long ones, and if worst comes to worst have them hemmed.  Gold watches with leather straps were huge at the end of last year in Europe plus watches can be worn to dinner or to class and still be elegant.  Also something to keep in mind is sunglasses are not only for the summer.  Sunglasses complete looks throughout the year whether you are in a bathing suit or sporting a tuque. The most important thing to remember is not one style defines fashion so keep doing what you’re doing because that’s what makes North America so unique. 

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