Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naked & Famous

Sir Sway: Naked & Famous is changing the face of the denim world.  Being one of the youngest raw denim brands, they have some of the most modern ideas in fabricating denim.  They keep all their looks clean and simple by carrying out a policy of no washes, no embroidery, and no gimmicks.  All jeans are innovated very creatively by adding subtle things to make all their jeans unique in feel and fit, an example is adding cashmere. They also keep their logo comical by making face against Hollywood and how expensive shitty jeans can be.  The jeans are created/made in Canada while their fabrics are imported from several mills in Japan.  They keep their prices low and after recently coming out with the thickest pair EVER (32 oz. which is thicker than cardboard The 32 oz. ), they are still running under $250.  Thanks N & F for keeping the denim game prestigious.

Here's my personal favourite: Elephant

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