Monday, September 27, 2010

Queen's Homecoming

Mr. Mobile: This past weekend was the Queen's University homecoming. This annual event essentialy defines what is prestigious. It has an extremely old history, including many a tradition and event, and is home to the infamous Aberdeen street party. This, my Queen's Homecoming "super-post" contains pictures and video from the weekend. Enjoy.

So let's start it off with something the first of the two main events, the football game. Queen's has amazing school spirit and has traditionally had a very successful football team, so the homecoming game is a big deal. The game features  great football, the Queen's band, three types of cheerleaders, and an exciting half time show. The engineers (well known for being the craziest faculty at Queen's) attend breakfast keggers before the game, and die themselves purple from head to toe. At half time they go out into the middle of the field and literally start a giant mosh. 

Queen's Vs. Ottawa U

A stunt put up by the varsity cheerleaders


The engineers at half time


The other main event, the Aberdeen street party, has very recently become a little out of control. In the past people with no affiliation to Queen's flood to the city for this party. Aberdeen is a tiny little street just north of the Queen's campus. In recent years the party has gotten so out of control (a car was set on fire a few years ago) that hundreds of extra police come to the city to help control the event. It's gotten to the point now where your not actually allowed on the street, or on the sidewalk with alcohol, and many students are arrested. This year mounted cops actually rode onto lawns and herded people off the streets or into houses.

The Aberdeen street party


That was my Saturday.

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