Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stan Smith 80s Mids by Adidas

Sir Sway:  These are the new "indigo" stan smith mids by adidas. I wouldn't call them indigo but I do love the two different textures of blue. And I must admit my heart grew two sizes bigger when I saw the gum sole. These shoes have been around since 1971, and were actually originally a tennis shoe... designed by a tennis champ named Stan Smith... astonishing.  These shoes have progressed into three different styles over the past 40 years.  Primarily they were and still are made for tennis.  They also have a much nicer stan smiths (stan smiths II, which were release in the 21st century) made for more lavish occasions.  Lastly they have the stan smiths which you see people wearing as beaters (shoes that you can beat up) or everyday shoes.  These prestigious sneakers have been a big influence on the shoe game today.

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