Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back in Action

Sir Sway: At last, exams are finished, marks have been returned, and I can relax once again.  Over the past summer I started working at a pharmacy where I met a kid with similar taste in music and clothing.  He introduced me to many artists including underground rapper DL Incognito and several artists that I have never bothered listening to, like Ray Charles.  My taste in music is very broad but one artist that he showed me continues to be on the top of my playlists. Dumfoundead (DFD), or Jonathan Park, is a Korean American rapper who originated in Los Angeles.  Dumbfoundead was introduced to me a while after he released his first free CD.  The CD includes songs like Jam Session 2.0, I Need A Dollar, and Pushin'.  Jam Session 2.0 was actually recorded all online from different parts of the world.  It is one of my favourite songs and even though it has a play-count of 289 (not including my Ipods), I have never gotten sick of it.  Esna Yoon is the girl in the top right corner of the video, and every time I hear her voice it gives me chills. She hits every note, her voice is so powerful and in my personal opinion she is what makes that song.  Anyway, Dumbfoundead has released his second free CD in collaboration with DJ Zo.  Follow the link for the free download... check your junk folders because they send it to you. 

From the New CD:

This Life

From the old CD:
Jam Session 2.0

Also if you hit up his site, and click 'store' they have some cool Teeeezzz

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