Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Break Your Neck (BYN) Urban Customs

Mr. Mobile: So today, while shopping around Melrose Avenue my friend and I found this little shop called BYN. It turns out to be a super cool place offering clothes designed by the designed/owner of the store, Michaell Norice, and custom clothes as well. The place is at 7552 Melrose Avenue in LA.

Here's the outside of the store on the south side of Melrose.

This is the interior of the store. The wall is painted by Norice himself, and features the brand's mascot.

Some of the T's and sweaters sold in BYN.

Some of Norice's custom sneakers. These are Kanye sneakers and features Dropout Bear.

On the left Marvel Comics sneakers, and on the right, X-Men sneakers. Norice hopes that one day his custom sneakers will be seen as collectible art instead of just clothing.

Lastly, and this might just be my favorite part of the brand, this tag can be found on most of the clothes you can buy in the store. Very prestigious.

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