Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hide Your Face!

Mr. Mobile: You may have noticed lately that a lot of musical artists these days hid their faces. This can be for one of many reasons, but usually is an attempt to avoid the public eye. It's become so popular recently that we can now take a look at the various choices artists have made about the image they want to project. 

First I thought we'd look at the classic example, Daft Punk.

So here's the Daft Punk we all know and love. Personally, I'm a big fan of their robotic masks. They look sick and I like the way they juxtapose the idea of robots and techno music. But over the years Daft Punk has changed their look. Here are just a few of the different Daft Punk masks over the year.

Daft Punk in Tron

Daft Punk in their film Interstella 5555

Next I thought we could look at a Canadian icon, Deadmau5.

So here is the standard Deadmau5 look. And you can't deny, it's pretty awesome. Especially when you consider he's got fans and stuff in there to cool him off and make sure he can see. Here are a few more of his looks.

The group below, Ratatat, is one of my favorite all time music duos. They produce amazing music, usually lyric-less, but always dope. Anyway they're not much for public appearances but here they are in a promotional shoot and as they appear in Kid Cudi's video Pursuit of Happiness. 

Our next group is another one of my all time favorites, The Gorillaz. They're a little different than the artists we've looked at so far because they don't cover their faces, they are just a collection of fully animated characters.

The Gorillaz are actually a group of fictional characters. From left to right their names are Noodle, Stuart "2D" Pot, Russel Hobs, and the group leader Murdoc Niccals. The Gorillaz were created by and consist of musicians Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Check out a few more of their animated group mates.

Our last group is one that I brought up in my "The Music Video" post. They're called the Teddybears and are an electro group from Sweden. They literally wear bear masks in their videos and performances. I encourage you to check out the video I posted and some of their music. Here are some picks of the Teddybears.

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  1. Great post! I never realized just how many artists hide their faces! VERY interesting. And I LOVE Daft Punk by the way :)