Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time's A-Rollin

Sir Sway: The Prestige was started just this summer and has continued to make progress in the making of the site, as well as its content.  We started out with a simple template which was then almost immediately changed to a simple clean layout, we then recently made a big change in the layout... and because it wasn't exactly perfect, we changed it again.  With that in mind, the content is going to change as well.  Being a blogger I surf the net during a lot of my off time and being a sneaker head/brand whore I come across lots of crazy gear.  So yes, the posts from now on will have more of a structure and pattern to them.  Every week I will introduce a new brand I have come across in my net surfing. I will also be posting new shoes that come across..... which is quite frequently.  I have also recently starting engaging myself in the art world and have started doing my own street art.  I will post all the cool inspirational artists I find as well as any cool pieces I make.

Mr. Mobile: On that note, I'll be focusing more on music and pop culture. But, at the end of the day, its still all about style. You can look forward to a more consistent The Prestige from now on.

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