Friday, February 18, 2011


Mr. Mobile: Prozzak is a group founded in the late 90's by two member of the band The Philosopher Kings. The band Prozzak is made up of two fictional characters Simon (Jay Levine) and Milo (James Bryan McCollum) and the name comes from the fact that their music is supposed to make you happy, like the drug Prozac. Anyway, most of their songs talk about their search for true love and their travels as friends. The music duo are based out of Toronto, Canada, although they sing in faux English accents. Personally, I love their music and their style. Below are some of my favorite tunes.

PS. They also fall into the category of musicians who hide their faces. Mentioned earlier in "Hide Your Face!"

To start here's the classic, Strange Disease.

Next up, www.nevergetoveryou.

Here's Omobolasire.

And this one, Wild Thing/Poor Boy.

Finally, it's not really a song, its The Legend of Simon and Milo. I highly recommend you watch this last one. It really shows their style I talked about earlier (style not fashion).

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